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Special Guest at Second Honeymoon’s Improv Show at Parkside Lounge

Last night I was a special guest for the wonderfully talented improv group Second Honeymoon. Second Honeymoon has a monthly show at Parkside Lounge in which they perform their favorite form The Gravid Water. This form was created by Stephen Ruddy, in which an actor and an improvisor are paired. The actor is given one side of a scene to memorize from a published play. The improvisor knows nothing about the scene or the character the actor is playing, and must improvise their side of the play. The actor cannot stray from the script at all, and must tailor their line readings to have it all make sense. I was paired with Megan Venzin, who improvised. The scene turned out making sense and it was cool to see two forms coming together. Can’t wait to play with them them again!