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INTERVIEW with Voyage LA Magazine

I felt very honored to share my journey into acting and living in Los Angeles with Voyage LA!

You can check out the interview here: http://voyagela.com/interview/meet-emily-nicole-hansen-actresswritercreator-los-feliz/

BROAD DAYLIGHT SHORT FILM Screening at Studio City International Film Festival!

My film Broad Daylight will be screening at The Studio City International Film Festival Sunday, November 11th at 7:30pm!

I can’t wait to share this film with you.



Director of Comedy Short: We Can’t Flake

The latest video is out for the Average Dicks Team! I love directing and collaborating with these guys!

*Click here for more videos*


That’s a wrap on Broad Daylight! What an amazing team of creatives that gave life to the script Jim Carlson and I wrote. We were blessed to have Light Layer Productions producing and the brilliant eye Roxanna Dunlap directing. The film is about a border patrolman and journalist at the US/Mexico border whose lies ultimately bring them to the same fate. We can’t wait to share this film with you!


Director of Comedy Short: Teacups

The second video for the web series Average Dicks I  direct is up! We have so much fun making these and have a third coming at you in February!

LICENSE TO SELL Comedy Short Film

A realtor’s sale goes awry when his ex-wife shows up drunk to his open house. I play the drunk ex-wife.

OFFICIAL SELECTION, 42nd Cleveland International Film Festival.

IMDb Page

Director of Comedy Short: Gig Economy

I had a blast directing comedic talent Kevin DeBacker and Corey Johnson. Tim Young getting those good shots. Eric Brown getting that sweet sound.


I am posting a short story a week on Instagram. I’m interested in coming up with creative ways of using these new forms of social media to share art. I hope you enjoy!

Check them out on Instagram: @readmyshorts

The BGB Studio – Acting Classes

I started taking acting classes with Risa Bramon Garcia (who is fantastic!) at The BGB Studio. The class is built for the working actor who craves a consistent space to stretch and grow. An actor’s “gym.” I feel very lucky to have found a new creative home with a great community of artists who inspire and challenge me every week.


In high school, my drama class would take a trip every spring to Hollywood and we would always see a show at the Groundlings. I will never forget a sketch where Melissa McCarthy played a rockstar magician and still quote her “your mind has been blown!” to people who have no idea what I am talking about. I have always wanted to take classes at the Groundlings and feel happy to finally make that dream a reality!

Moved to LA!

After living in New York City for 9 years, it is time for my next chapter in Los Angeles! I have had some amazing training, been a part of some great projects and have been instilled with a hustle that only living in NYC can give. Now it’s time for more half-hour comedies, sunshine and breakfast burritos.

Check out my breakup with New York City:

SAM AND ME! – Best of NY Screening Award Winning Short

A new city. A new friend. A dead body.

Team 1A’s 48 Hour Film Fest entry “Sam and Me!”

Winner for Best Director (Alex Christenson), Best Use of Line, and Honorable Mention for Best Actor (Robert Mackenzie Ross)!


I had the great pleasure of acting in a comedic short film organized by my talented friend Aaron Khiefets in the New York 48 Hour Film Project.  Our team (Team 1A) was given a genre (Coming Of Age) and then had to write, film and edit a 4 to 7 minute film all in 48 hours! I’m really proud of the film we submitted and can’t wait to release it for you to view soon…

UPDATE: Our film was selected to be a part of the BEST OF NEW YORK Screening Thursday, June 16th at 6pm! The screening will be held at Cantor Film Center on 36 E 8th Street. Fingers crossed!

NYU Comedy Short – In Class Final Project

There are some directors that you meet and you want to work with forever. C. Craig Patterson is one of those directors for me. His attention to detail, creativity and encouragement of “play” on set is exceptional. This is the second time we have worked together and certainty won’t be the last. This came out really well considering we only had one hour to shoot, a corner of a classroom for the set and bare bones equipment.

Actor in 24 Hour Play Festival at The Barrow Group

I participated as an actor in The Barrow Group’s 24-hour creative experience in which TBG Students serve as writers, directors, and actors who create and perform a series of new short pieces. Friday night we met at the theater, were assigned groups, the writers wrote their short plays in two hours, then at 12am we had a read through of all the plays. At 9am the next day, everyone arrived at the theater to rehearse and put up the show at 8pm that night! It was a whirlwind but a lot of fun.


Just paid your rent, credit cards bills and monthly student loan payment? You can still make it rain on a budget!

Starring & Written By: Emily Nicole Hansen
Filmed & Edited By: Justin Woo


GHOSTING Comedy Short

ghost·ing /ˈɡōstiNG/ verb
to end a relationship with someone your dating by cutting off all communication, without any explanation.

Big thank yous to my super talented friends Tami Soligan, Eric Whitten, Josh Walter Earnest, Carlos Ledesma & Amy Benaroya for helping me create this!

Happy Valentine’s Day. It can be rough out there…

EXPERIMENTER now streaming on Netflix!

Check out EXPERIMENTER now streaming on Netflix! It’s a great film and you will see a familiar face. And arms. No legs though.


Friendzone Anonymous, written and directed by Josh Bohoskey & Dylan Smith, is a comedic web series about a support group dedicated to those in the Friendzone. I have a recurring role playing Jenny, a queen bee that has poor Todd wrapped around her finger and securely in the friendzone. I appear at 4:33 into the episode posted above until 11:33 and all of episode 1.5.

Click on the link below to watch all the episodes!


EXPERIMENTER Now In Theaters and On Demand!

Great script + great director + great cast = great film! I’m very proud to be a part of Michael Almereyda’s film and to have had the opportunity to act with Peter and Winona who I respect so much.

If you live in New York City, EXPERIMENTER is currently playing at Sunshine Cinema, and if you don’t you can rent it On Demand!


Ectomorph at Indie Cagematch UCBEast Sunday, August 30th, 6:30pm

My improv partner Brian McCarthy and I were selected to compete with our team Ectomorph at Indie Cagematch at the UCB East Side theater. We are ready to get weird!

Click on the link to reserve tickets:  https://east.ucbtheatre.com/show/2899




Tune in tonight to see me play Josephine Sullivan on The Blacklist! Let’s just say my character has been bad 😉

Season 2, Episode 14 airs tonight on NBC at 9/8 c!

Now a Member of SAG-AFTRA!

I am proud to now be a member of the Screen Actors Guild! I’m excited for this next chapter of my acting career.


My buddy Brian McCarthy and I made this foreign music video about the journey a writer takes. Don’t worry we translated it. Filmed by Ben McCarthy. Original song by Brian and myself.

VH1 Promo for Hindsight

A promo I was in for the new VH1 show Hindsight is now airing! I’m in the beginning of the video during there man-on-the-street interviews.


Filming for FZ ANONYMOUS

I had an absolute blast filming Sunday with the FZ Anonymous crew! Josh Bohoskey and Dylan Smith are so talented and their attention to detail – I mean come on Tatum Tots! – is going to definitely make this funny series about a self help group for people put in the friend zone stand out! The series will be out early October for your viewing pleasure 🙂

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (1)IMG_8781



Last week I filmed an episode of the Savings Experiment Series at AOL Studio. The crew was very professional and it was only a 10 minute walk from my apartment!



Check out the National Spot for the Fisher Price Bounce, Stride & Ride Elephant. It came out so cute!



I played a Sales Representative yesterday for a Coach Industrial that will be used to train their employees. This is my second time working with Coach and the crew is lovely!

LEAD ROLE in WALLS Dramatic Pilot

I played the role of Agent Debuchy with very talented actor Sahr Ngaujah (FELA!) in the upcoming dramatic pilot Walls, directed and written by Dee Allen (The Mill). The pilot is currently in post production and will be up by the end of the year 🙂

Here’s a summary of what this series will be about:

The Year is 2033, 18 year old Alverez has been in captivity for 12 hours held in a holding unit. She has now been transferred to Isolation where she will remain until her identity is confirmed, she is tried, convicted and eventually taken down to the chamber for execution. However the trial will never happen, Alverez will mysteriously escape and go on to become the most wanted female in the United States. Closely monitored by two Federal Agents the pilot introduces us not only to the dystopian world the series is set in but also reveals that our journey will include supernatural elements that surround our mysterious protagonist.


I had a great two days playing a young mom for an upcoming Fisher Price Commercial! So many adorable babies on set 🙂

Scene with WINONA RYDER & PETER SARSGAARD in upcoming feature film EXPERIMENTER


I am still on cloud nine after acting last night with Winona Ryder & Peter Sarsgaard in the upcoming film EXPERIMENTER, directed & written by Michael Almereyda! Between takes Peter tried to teach me some cool handshakes. I was not good at them ha.

LEAD ROLE in dramatic sci-fi pilot for NYTF

I just finished filming a dramatic sci-fi pilot called The New Age, written and directed by my very talented friend Justin Lamb for the New York Television Festival. I play the role of Kelsey, a mediator who is called upon to mediate the gods when they decide to descend on earth and reek havoc on the lives of mortals. Fingers crossed that it does well at NYTF!

Killjoy2 Sketch Up

When their first murder plot runs flat, Thomas and Emily take another stab at planning to kill an office co-worker. Written and starring Thomas Wesson and myself. I hope you enjoy!

A THOUSAND DEATHS Staged Reading May 9th

I will be reading for the role of Marlene Dietrich, as well as other various characters, in a staged reading of Peilin Kuo’s feature film screenplay A Thousand Deaths – The Story of Anna May Wong, presented by the New York Chinese Cultural Center May 9th at 7pm.

RSVP at info@athousanddeaths.com

Here’s about the film:

A Thousand Deaths the story of Anna May Wong, the first Chinese American Star in Hollywood’s Golden Era. Before Lucy Liu, even before Nancy Kwan, there was Anna May Wong (1905-1961), a Chinese-American actress who rose from a Laundromat in LA’s Chinatown to become the first Chinese-American international film star in the 1920s and ’30s. Anna May Wong, not only did she break through the barrier of sex, she also jumped through the obstacles of being a minority, weaving her way to be the first Asian American female to play parts in major Hollywood Studio films. It is a story worth telling as it not just an inspirational story but also a reminder that anything is possible, when you have a dream.

Lead in SAG Comedy Short Film WHITE LIES

White Lies is a comedy short about a couple that is forced into several awkward and uncomfortable situations at an office party in an attempt to justify the numerous lies they have told their co-workers throughout the year.  My character Jenna has to keep up with the lies until the truth is finally discovered!

Directed by Leland Krane, written by Ross Carey and shot by Brian O’ Carroll.

KILLJOY2 Wrapped

Thomas Wesson and I are at it again and continuing the story that was left from Killjoy. This time we had the very talented Brian Morrissey directing and Daniel Zimmer on camera. I’m sitting down to edit and the footage looks great! This short will be released soon on FunnyOrDie, but until then, check out Killjoy on my video section of this website to catch up on the story so far.


Guest at Characters Welcome Show at UCBEast Dec. 27th

I’ll be a guest character tonight at the Characters Welcome Show at UCBeast at 730pm!


SIGNED Commercially with AVALON/BMG

Thrilled to sign commercially with Avalon/BMG!

Musical Guest at Matt & Betsy Do Music Show Dec 12th


Tomorrow night I will be a musical guest at the Matt & Betsy Do Music show at 11pm at Triple Crown Ale House. I will be performing my Kate Middleton character singing dark nursery rhythms to her baby. I hope to see you there!

NYC Channy Awards Sketch at UCBEast

I had a fun time being a part of this sketch for the Channy Awards at UCBEast!

Guest Character at Magnet Theater Show: Jana & Lauren Presents Nov 1st

I was invited to perform one of my characters last night at Jana & Lauren Presents at the Magnet Theater. These ladies are incredibly funny and I had a blast being part of their show!


Check Out My Web Series LITERALLY SAYING

Follow your daydreams on screen as we explore the hidden meanings of common sayings and phrases. Enjoy, and Godspeed.

Created by Emily Nicole Hansen and Ian Stroud

All episodes will be released Netflix style Oct. 21st!

Click here to watch all five episodes: Literally Saying



I booked a role on an episode of Blue Bloods on CBS! Very excited to be a part of this show! Will be able to share more details when it airs 🙂


*UPDATE: The episode I’m in airs October 18th at 10/9c. It’s episode 4, “The Truth About Lying.” If you miss it you can check it out at the cbs website.

Breaking Bad Parody Poster on FUNNYORDIE


In anticipation for the final episodes of Breaking Bad Season 5, Ian Stroud and I created this parody of the Season 1 poster. The poster is up on FunnyOrDie and was “trending” on their website’s front page for most of the day. Give it a “funny” click if you like it.




KILLJOY Screening at IndieWorks August 8th!

IndieWorks selected Killjoy to be part of it’s August Short Film Screening August 8th at People’s Lounge NYC! Killjoy is a comedy short that Thomas Wesson and I created about two friends who share a friendly dinner that turns to a conspiracy to commit murder. Looking forward to checking out the other short films that were selected for the screening!

Check it out!

[funnyordie id=”01ae05da2d”]


I play the role of Emma in the first episode of the new season of Carlos Ledesma’s web series America Loves Carlos. I try to show Carlos a sexy good time. The script is very funny and has a lot of physical humor, which is my favorite kind!

Check it out!

[funnyordie id=”776b6a6387″]

My Episode of GOING APE on National Geographic Airs 6/3 at 10pm

The episode I filmed back in January concentrates on social climbers. Primatology experts compare ape behavior to that of humans to see how chitchat can improve status and why we’re so good at deception. Hidden camera footage reveals our natural instinct to social climb, gossip and deceive. I think they did a great job editing this piece and felt the series was very enlightening on how we interact with each other.



I was thrilled to work again with the very talented Jackie Massar, in her final thesis film at NYFA! I was in her recent film 4 Girls, 1 Text, and was very impressed with her professionalism, clear comedic voice and polished final cut of the film.

Family Dinner is a short film in the vain of Arrested Development, and takes place during a casual Sunday family dinner when a competition between three siblings on whose turn it is to share big news gets flipped on it’s head by their parents even bigger news. Filming this weekend in New Jersey was so much fun and I was impressed by the professionalism of everyone on set. The editor was on site,  so I already have seen some of footage and it looks great!


Shooting Begins On My Sketch Web Series LITERALLY SAYING

We just wrapped on the first day of shooting for my web series Literally Saying. I created this sketch series that takes sayings and makes them literal. Today’s sketch was ‘An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away,’ also starring Jamie Geiger, as the doctor. The very gifted Ian Stroud, is the director of photography for the series. We have four more episodes to shoot over the next month. Coming to a computer screen near you early September!

Sketch Writing 101 at UCB

I started a sketch writing class at the Upright Citizens Brigade taught by Melinda Taub. I wanted to take a sketch writing class to work on creating a routine of writing everyday, get feedback from an experienced comedy writer and meet other comedians and writers that I may want to collaborate with. I got lucky and already can tell that this is a talented group! Now I feel I have a sense of structure for all these fun ideas in my head to be expressed on paper, and eventually on stage and on screen.

First Stand-Up Show!

I did my first stand-up set at The Creek and The Cave during their ‘Mic & Cheese’ open mic.  I didn’t throw up and I got some laughs, so win!  I actually felt pretty comfortable up there and am looking forward to doing more sets at various open mic nights around the city.

Supporting role in THE WEEKEND Webisode Pilot

Today I played the role of Yoga Betty in the ‘The Weekend’ Webisode Pilot written and produced by Lucille Hansen and Gretchen Wiese.  I know these talented ladies through The Kimball Studio and was happy they wanted me to be a part of their project!  We had a lot of fun with physical comedy while I gave the ladies adjustments in my yoga class and told them an improvised story of what a wise man once told me on my last trip to India.  Can’t wait to see to see the footage!


This Saturday I shot ‘A Diamond A Dozen,’ a dark comedy sketch about blood diamonds.  I co-wrote and produced this sketch with fellow comedian Ian Stroud, along with the production team Beermoney films. This sketch also stars the brilliantly funny Niels Bolle.

Coming to a computer screen near you this Valentine’s Day!



I am thrilled to announce booking the role of Female Reporter in my first SAG film Julia!  The wonderful Erica Palgon of Erica Palgon Casting Beyond had called me in to be her reader for this project and I was to meet the director and writer of the film Matthew A. Brown.  I really loved how he worked with all the actors and feel he has a brilliant creative mind.  Can’t wait to work with him and the other actors January 28th!

LEAD in Comedy Short Film 4 GIRLS, 1 TEXT

Thrilled to be playing the role of Sam in Jackie Massar’s short comedy about a girl named Kelly who receives a text on a hung-over morning from her crush (Kyle) after a night out with her friends (Sam, Bree, and Zoe). With their quirky personalities all the girls have different ideas on the subtext of Kyle’s texts and how Kelly should respond.  My character  is loud, crude, with a ‘dudes’ sense of humor that takes things a little too far. She is very much the leader of the group as she’s the first to buy a round of shots and the first to suffer the consequences.  So basically me on a typical weekend.

Cast in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Show Shooting in Early January

This show  is a social commentary and the role I will be playing will be very improv based.  I can’t give too many details now but I can say that it should be a funny show to tune in to!

LEAD in Dark Comedy Film AN INHERITANCE Filming in DC

I am excited to be shooting in DC this weekend for Storm Garner’s short dark comedy film. The film is a highly stylized metatheatric socially-investigative household melodrama. I will be playing the role of Sylvia McClean, a young Yale/Columbia lady who power-lunches at the Met museum with the art-collecting global elite with jaw-dropping social skills, the kind of smiling, effortless passive-aggression that doesn’t even register on her victims until the next day.

TRUE HAZARDS OF CHILDHOOD at the Barrow Group Dec 7th, 8th and 9th

I am honored to be a part of Jean Taylor’s work in progress performances next week! I was so moved by Jean’s last show, “Pants and Skirts,” that it inspired me to take her Theatrical Clown Class at the Barrow Group. I have never laughed so hard in a class before and discovered a simpler way of being that has added so much to my work. If you are free please join me in this ardent archaeologist + a mysterious artifact = a TED talk gone awry!



On the set this morning shooting The Three Madcapettes, written and directed by Rick Kariolic. I played a stagehand who wanted to steal the show! What a blast! Can’t wait to see the footage 🙂

ORIBE Hair Shoot

Special Guest at Second Honeymoon’s Improv Show at Parkside Lounge

Last night I was a special guest for the wonderfully talented improv group Second Honeymoon. Second Honeymoon has a monthly show at Parkside Lounge in which they perform their favorite form The Gravid Water. This form was created by Stephen Ruddy, in which an actor and an improvisor are paired. The actor is given one side of a scene to memorize from a published play. The improvisor knows nothing about the scene or the character the actor is playing, and must improvise their side of the play. The actor cannot stray from the script at all, and must tailor their line readings to have it all make sense. I was paired with Megan Venzin, who improvised. The scene turned out making sense and it was cool to see two forms coming together. Can’t wait to play with them them again!

Actress in ABINGDON THEATER Revenge Staged Reading Series Nov 6th

I am thrilled to be acting in another Michael Vincent Mangano original. Reserve tickets for the November 6th show at 6pm or 8pm!


Theatrical Clown Class at the Barrow Group with Jean E Taylor

I am loving my classes with Jean at the Barrow Group and I have already learned so much about the power of simplicity. Sadly only two more classes left, but I plan on integrating what I have learned into a short play I have been developing.


Actress in ABINGDON THEATER ‘Highlights from the Benefit Challege Series’

I will be participating in another staged reading series with Abingdon Theater Company this coming Monday, June the 18th at 7pm.  The play is Master of… by Michael V. Mangano.  It’s a funny.

For more information: http://www.abingdontheatre.org/reading/upcoming.aspx


Cast in the “Sunday Night TV” College Humor Sketch playing Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones!

Check it out!