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LEAD ROLE in WALLS Dramatic Pilot

I played the role of Agent Debuchy with very talented actor Sahr Ngaujah (FELA!) in the upcoming dramatic pilot Walls, directed and written by Dee Allen (The Mill). The pilot is currently in post production and will be up by the end of the year 🙂

Here’s a summary of what this series will be about:

The Year is 2033, 18 year old Alverez has been in captivity for 12 hours held in a holding unit. She has now been transferred to Isolation where she will remain until her identity is confirmed, she is tried, convicted and eventually taken down to the chamber for execution. However the trial will never happen, Alverez will mysteriously escape and go on to become the most wanted female in the United States. Closely monitored by two Federal Agents the pilot introduces us not only to the dystopian world the series is set in but also reveals that our journey will include supernatural elements that surround our mysterious protagonist.